Books. Books are one of the most readily available sources of entertainment. Some can teach you about the cultural and historical impact of the potato, whilst others can make you cry harder than a newborn puppy made of onions. Books are truly amazing items, crafted from love, hard-work and the need to entertain and inform. I love books, my fiance loves books, this blog is not to show off or boast about our ‘amazing’ literary tastes. It is to purely share our love of reading, and books, to anyone that cares to look. We shall try to provide content several times a week, we’re currently in the process of writing a spooky Halloween segment. We’re going to be publishing reviews, recommend lists and anything we can think to write down to do with books. Now, undoubtedly, we will have opinions that will differ from yours. We want to encourage debate so, please leave a comment and join in with others, if there are others. We hope there are. If not, just have a chat with yourself, we’ll join in. If anyone out there can think of a book we simply must read then let us know. Just let us know if there is anything we should read in general actually. We will read anything. I mean anything. I’ve read The Gas by Charles Platt and that is without a shadow of a doubt the poorest excuse for a book ever put to paper. It’s controversial for the sake of controversy. It’s like he wanted it to be banned. It is just horrendous and I love a bit of crap sci-fi pulp. Avoid The Gas. Read Harlan Ellison for pulpy sci-fi, Maggie Money-eyes is a real winner. I digress, we hope that you enjoy what we put on this blog and hope that you enjoy! F&B