Huge Book Haul #noselfcontrol

This month has been a particularly stellar month in terms of acquiring new books. The Christmas financial hangover has finally worn off, we had a birthday which resulted in the inevitable book shaped gifts being received and we had a trip to York in which we showed little restrained in Waterstones. so here is a list of everything we got this month, it is so big we broke it down into categories.

The Hardbacks

  1. Yaa  Gyasi, Homegoing
  2. China Mieville, The last days of new Paris
  3. Kate Hamer, The Doll Funeral
  4. Stephen King, Needful Things

Short Story Collections

5. Margaret Atwood, Stone Mattress

6. Angela Carter, The Bloody Chamber

7.Stephen Graham Jones, After the people lights have gone off

Birthday Gifts

8. Cynan Jones, Evreything (lol)

9.Andrew Taylor, Ashes of london

10.  Bill Bryson, The Road to Little Dribbling

11. Peter May, Coffin Road


12.John Langan, The Fisherman

13. David Means, Hystopia

14. Jay McInerney, The Last of the savages

15. Douglas Coupland, Generation X

16. Alice Thompson, Pharos

17. Stephen Graham Jones, Mongrels

18.Murakami, Norwegian Wood

19. Nico Lee, A good lie ain’t easy * This was sent to us by the author in exchange for an Honest Review *

20. Chuck Palahnuik, Survivor 

and Two Poetry Books

21. Callum Mclaughlin, Seeking Solace (Callum is a fellow blogger, he has been a great support since we started the blog, he’s always ready with a good recommendation and has eerily similar reading tastes to us, check him out here: )

22.Sylvia Plath, Ariel ( I already have the standard Ariel, but this edition as just too damn beautiful too ignore! It’s also the first of four in the collection by Faber)

so thats this month (so far anyway!). We are now sufferring with trying to decide what to read next! Any Suggestions with were to start would be very welcome and keep an eye out for the reviews to come!


Grace & Ben




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