Fellside- M.R Carey – A Review


A Few months ago, like most of the book reading community, I fell arse over tit in love with M.R Carey’s Debut novel. The Girl with all the gifts, was creepily awesome and when I discovered Fellside on Amazon I ordered it immediately.

Fellside is a maximum security prison in the Yorkshire moors, a creepy and disturbed place with a seedy, ugly micro-culture all its own. Heroin addict Jess Moulson finds herself here after a terrifying night she can not quite remember. Stuffed with brutally tortured characters, whispering walls and stacks of unanswered questions the twisted mystery’s in this book has me hooked from the very beginning.

As with the Girl with all the gifts, there is more than a splash of gore, however, Fellside has a kick ass personality all its own. I managed to consume all 468 pages within three days following the breakneck speed in which the characters lives shift. This is one of those stories when just as you think you have worked out what is going on, a new revelation will leave you feeling like your brain Is made of mash potato…In a good way.

If like me you were obsessed with the early 2000’s British drama Bad Girls, this is a book you should definitely get stuck into.Image result for bad girls tv series


M.R Carey is quickly becoming an auto-buy author for me. His writing style is simple but drip feeds you complex themes. I am thoroughly looking forward to his next novel ‘The Boy on The Bridge’ which is to be released this year.


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