Emma Flint – Little Deaths – A Review

Emma Flint –  Little Deaths is the perfect crime novel. Set in Queens in 1965, this story can avoid the CSI forensic jargon often injected into crime thrillers to sex them up and instead focuses on the intense and obsessive relationships between the character themselves. Ruth Malone is fascinating, mysterious and when it comes to emotions at least she does not give much away. after her two children disappear, Ruth’s tight skirts and made up face do not fit into the template of the distraught grieving mother, forged by those around her and everyone including the police assumes the worst. As a reader, you find you just have to trust her and as you read about her unusual and occasionally waywlittle-deathsard antics you can’t help but nurture a little doubt.

This novel is dark and gripping, the story line pulls you in and before you know it you are voyeuristically staring at Ruth through the eyes of the other characters whose obsessive fixations with Ruth and her world mean she is never really in charge of her own life. Even those who struggle with crime writing will not fail to be pulled into this murky mystery, which will leave you wondering until the very end.

Emma Flints Little Deaths is due for Publication by Picador on the 12th of January 2017.


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