November Wrap-Up!


This month I tried to explore some different avenues with my reading habits, after overdosing on my favourite authors whilst on holiday I found myself in a bit of a slump and craving something different. All of the books I read this month were by authors I had not picked up before ( with the exception of Emma Donoghue). Here how this month went…

The Wonder- Emma Donoghue.

This was a spontaneous buy whilst visiting my local bookshop, I read Room when it first came out and really enjoyed it so I had high hopes for The Wonder. Unfortunately, it was a total disappointment. It was the historical theme which pulled me to this book, the opportunity to get a peek into a phenomenon I was unaware of previously was just too strong. I did write a review for this book so I’m not going to regurgitate all the reasons why I disliked it. What I will say is I feel Jodi Picoult’s novel Keeping Faith has similar themes to The Wonder but executes the story 10000 times better.

Girlfriend in a coma – Douglas Coupland

After what feels like years of nagging from my other half,I finally read this book and I am currently kicking myself for being such a dumbass for not reading the book sooner. I absolutely adored it. It was so fast paced and the narrative grabs you in such a truly engaging way its like you are being pulled through the characters chaotic and dazed lives. It’s full of drug abuse, mystery, friendship, bad life choices, and a diverse bag of bat-shit crazy but brilliantly intense characters. Of course, it wasn’t perfect and the ending wasn’t what I wanted but it was in no way a bad ending.I was left wondering about this ending for a long time after. I will definitely be picking up more Douglas Coupland as well as telling everyone to read this book for years to come.

The Vegetarian – Han Kang

I chose The Vegetarian as I have never read a novel that has been translated from Korean before and the vegetarian was highly spoken of by many booktuber’s. I’m still a bit conflicted about The Vegetarian. The writing was beautifully poetic and it was full of brutality and cruelty but there was just something about it that made me feel it was a little over-hyped. It is a harsh tale of a girl who seeks to rebel against the animalistic behaviour of the men around her. The main focus of the novel herself is never given a voice which to be honest was a major source of my frustration. Again I did a review for this read so I won’t go into too much detail. There was just something about The Vegetarian which left me feeling a bit ‘Meh’.

Autumn – Ali Smith

After a hit and miss month of reading, I was so glad to start reading Autumn, It was mesmerizing and brilliant and I can not wait for the next three seasonally themed novels to be released. Normally I like a story with a clear plot, but Smith characters are crafted with such artistic mastery that I almost forgot that it is not excessively plot driven. It’s full of art, thoughtful themes and will give you a good chuckle along the way. What more could you want?

Here is our review for autumn below.

The Caucasian Chalk Circle – Bertolt Brecht

Finally this month I read The Caucasian Chalk Circle which is a play by Bertolt Brecht. I decided I needed to read a play as it has been over 10 years since I read An inspector calls by JB. Priestly for my GCSE’S and I thought reading a play might make for a refreshing change.
I did consider the cursed child by J.K Rowling but as I would rather eat my own liver than digest any part of the Harry Potter Franchise I decided the Caucasian Chalk Circle would be a much more palatable read. Written by German playwright Bertolt Brecht in 1944, it centers on Grusha a servant girl who rescues a noble child during a palace attack and becomes a better parent to him than his natural parents. It’s a familiar story, that has been retold many times but I greatly enjoyed reading it. It’s short and fast and in the end, I felt that everyone got what they deserved. It was a satisfying one-hour read.

So this month has been a bit hit and miss, luckily I have a stash of firm favourites to read next month! what have you been reading this month? let us know in the comments below…


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