Top 10 Literary Gift Ideas For Your Bookish Loved Ones


  1. Light up their life! –

moby-dick-candle                                                                                                             The perfect accompaniment to any late-night winter reading session. These literary themed candles from are an affordable £6.99. Choose from Moby Dick, Dracula and a whole host of other themes to suit your bookworm buddy.

2. Subscribe to happiness! –


Created by The Beautiful Book Company (, this monthly subscription means for £44.99 will receive a new book every month. the best part? you can tailor the subscription to suit the reader by giving details about their current book tastes. there are also subscriptions to suit children too.

3. It’s all about you!

Express Paperback Book Of Everyone

The Book of everyone is a wonderful idea which will allow you to create a unique book personalised for your bookish loved one. Each book contains facts and figures about the recipient like (such as heart beats since born) as well as editable pages allowing you to create something extra special. I myself have brought one of the as a gift and it was incredibly well received and will definitely be ordering more in the future. Available at  a paperback book will cost you £19.50.

4. A printed present


Available from loveartsprintshop at This brilliant shop has a whole range of prints to bring a bit of literary magic to any home. All prints are a bargain at £7.50 and each image is printed onto a late 1800’s dictionary(so they smell great too!).

5. Hobbit page holder!


You don,t have to be a Tolkien fan to appreciate this adorable bookmark, a pair of little feet sticking out of your book is sure to bring a smile to any readers face. Available from myBOOKmark at for £19.50.

6. Keeping Track


A major source of anxiety for many book lovers is not getting those much loved lent out book backs. now you can share the book love with confidence as you track and stamp each of your copies when they are lent out. it might seem a bit persnickety  but having lost many  novels to friends and family members we think it’s a brilliant idea. available at for £11.95.

7. One for the bookish couple.


available from for £12.99 these beautiful mugs are a great stocking filler for the couple who love classics. other designs are available on the website but we like this one best.

8. For a List Lover


This Beautiful Metal bookmark has that list all of us readers ponder about creating lovingly engraved on the front. As well as the fifty books to read before you die list engraved on the front, you can add a personal message to the back of the bookmark so your grateful bibliophile will never forget who got them such an awesome gift. Available from for £9.99.

9. Help tame the ‘to be read’ pile.

Help tame that never ending TBR pile with this stylish gold cut-out bookend from H&M, at £9.99 this will help keep those book shelves neat and tidy.

10. Buy a bag for a good cause.


The website is focused on celebrating local bookshops around the country. For £15.00 your loved one gets a gorgeous tote and helps to raise funds for the booksaremybag campaign.


Happy Shopping!




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